What Memory Foam Mattress Brands Offer? A Buying Guide

Its versatility justifies the name of the memory foam. Not only the smoothness and velvety surface the critical characteristic of every memory foam, and also how it appears to sag or bear stress. Depending upon the kind, memory foams, in particular, seem to hold on to the impression of any stress applied for a few moments. Around the year 1966, NASA patented memory foam as an intention to help improve stress absorption in rocket seats. From that point, several memory foam mattress brands have been introduced, and till date, a wide variety of memory foam mattresses are available in the market. If you intend to buy a memory foam mattress, then you can follow the underneath buying guidelines:

Types of Memory Foam Mattress:

There are three basic kinds of memory foam: traditional, gel mattress- and open-cell   – all of these do have their benefits and drawbacks, so let’s take a closer look.

Traditional Type:

What we’re speaking about thus far is a traditional memory foam mattress. By moulding your body, it offers a pleasant night’s sleep. The fact that it tends to hold body temperature, making it very difficult to nap in high temps, is one of the main concerns that we’ll go through in a later segment. To address this problem, the other two memory foam mattresses were produced.

Gel Type:

The gel-infused memory foam mattress is a gel-pumped memory foam that also has two distinct forms. First one is a kind of substance that is only heat absorbing. Assume of it as an ice pack that you might hold in the refrigerator. Probably, the other type is what is termed as phase-changing substance. What these things do is help control your heat by storing and generating heat while you nap. The gel particles used during gel memory foam may potentially help to boost your matt thickness as a drawback.


With a unique internal structure, the open-cell memory foam mattress is your fundamental mattress. This type of memory foam helps air within the mattress to shift easier, enabling it to pass heat away from the body while you’re sleeping.

Aspects to notice while purchasing a memory foam mattress:

Density Factor:

The memory foam mattresses’ density is measured in PCF or commonly known as pounds per cubic foot.   There is likely to be much more density in moderate mattresses and cushions made from memory foam. That is, they may well retain their tenderness as well as other memory foam characteristics, but have a lot more PCF than any other cheap mattress.

The thickness of the mattress:

To evaluate the height, the thickness of the mattress is the calculation from any side. The thickness of your memory foam is a critical aspect as it defines how well you can manage its rotation. If you are searching at a single mattress, the bigger the thickness, the shakier it would be without sufficient support due to the extra height. That being said, you can experience a smoother and pleasant environment relaxing on a foam mattress with the proper thickness and mixed layers of various memory foams packed around each other.


You may be a fan of memory foam mattress because of its various qualities, but before buying it, you must be well aware of its price because they don’t come cheap, but if you are determined to buy it then you should look out for sales that various memory foam mattress brands offer or events like Christmas or Black Friday sales to get your perfect bed partner.